8 Rules to keep your child safe

When out and about with your child during the holidays, you should be extra cautious. The holidays are a festive time, but they’re also a time when you should be extra cautious. As a result of hectic holiday shopping trips, crowded airports, and holiday parties, keeping an eye on your child can be challenging.

Here are 8 rules for your child:

1. Talk to your children before leaving the house.
As a rule, you must always be able to see them and they must always be able to see you. Keeping them reminded periodically, especially if they seem restless, may seem simple, but they are very susceptible to forgetting.

2. Put the “two giant steps” rule into practice.
Your children are never more than two giant steps away from you. Keeping children from wandering away is an easy and fun activity.

3. Teach them “Safer Stranger”.
When your children are separated from you, teach them to ask a “safe stranger” for help. Moms with kids or cashiers are examples. When you have older children, decide ahead of time where to meet if you become separated.

4. Teach them the “don’t leave the premises” rule.
Insist that your child does not go looking for you outside of the mall or store, even if someone tells them otherwise. Tell your child you will not leave until you are reunited.

5. Forget fashion dress them in bright colours.
Dress your child in brightly coloured clothes so that he can be easily identified. Pay attention to what the child is wearing.

6. Consider a harness.
For toddlers who are prone to running away in busy places like airports or shopping malls, consider a cute harness. The ones that look like the tail of a lion or the trunk of an elephant are among the best ones.

7. Teach older children to “check first.”
Children should always check with you before entering a public place, such as a store, playground, or restroom.

10. Shout “I’m right here” at the bathroom.
A child shouldn’t use the men’s room alone due to its safety risks. In case your older child (at least 9 years old) needs the men’s room alone, stand outside the door and call in, “I’ll be right out here if you need me.” This lets anyone who might be in there know someone is watching.
For the moms and dads: Avoid treating public places as “convenient babysitters.” Do not leave your children alone in video arcades, movie theatres, play areas, or other public places. Unsupervised children are a prime target for predators. Take young children with you whenever you use the bathroom. If possible, use restrooms in high traffic areas that are well-lit.

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