Safer Shopping Centres Increased safety support with ANPR

By using the NAVIC™ automated proactive alert system, your centre can decrease the risk of becoming a target.
NAVIC™ will assist you and SAPS in the investigation of crime where a vehicle was used.
You will be able to monitor vehicle movement in the vicinity of your property.
Your local security company can be linked with NAVIC™.
An automated proactive
alert system against:
Armed robberies
ATM fraud
Human trafficking
Theft out of vehicles

By receiving alerts, you can act proactively.

South Africa falls in the top ten countries with the most shopping centres in the world, and more are built and redeveloped annually. Globalisation has brought many international brands into the country for selling, which led to malls increasing in size to supply customer demands. Even though many people prefer to order items online, shoppers still like to visit shopping centres for the social and in-store experiences.

Unfortunately, the bigger the mall, the more opportunities for criminal activities. And when it comes to choosing a place to shop, South Africans consider security the second most important factor after cleanliness.

You understand that prevention is better than cure, and thus you incorporate plans to eliminate the opportunity for crimes to happen. This includes limiting access to centre grounds late at night, surveillance cameras, monitored control rooms, and parking lot security. But, no matter how many procedures a centre puts in place, criminals still manage to target malls and make off with expensive merchandise.

NAVIC™ amplifies all your precautionary procedures by enhancing the scope of preventative measures. The NAVIC™ platform provides a bird’s eye view of all activities in your area to ensure that alerts are released to responders in real-time when necessary.