NAVIC™ is passionate about crime prevention and works strictly according to MISS (“Minimum Information Security Standards”) being the Act approved by parliament on the 4th December 1996. NAVIC™ provides the only independent ANPR/LPR platform that complies with this act. (see

Our technology and investigations tools are deployed nationally within:

  • Policing Structures
  • Law Enforcement structures,
  • Insurers and financial institutions,
  • Corporations,
  • Multi-tenanted Landlords,
  • Critical facilities
  • CPFs (Community Policing Forums),
  • NHWs (Neighborhood Watchers), and entire towns/cities,
  • other

Should you require additional information about our services and the manner in which we provide it please arrange to meet with us to discuss it further, for obvious security reasons.

Navic.Cloud Ecosystem diagram