Stop Farm Attacks Increased safety support with ANPR

By using the NAVICTM automated proactive alert system, you as a farmer can decrease your risk of becoming a victim.
NAVICTM will assist you and SAPS in the investigation of crime where a vehicle was used.
You will be able to monitor vehicle movement in the vicinity of your property.
Your local security company can be linked with NAVICTM.
An automated proactive
alert system against:
Farm attacks
Stock theft
Land invasion

By receiving alerts, you can act proactively.

Crime is at an all-time high with farmers finding themselves in niched targeted segments of the country, making them one of the most vulnerable societies in South Africa. Food production is a specialised and expensive industry, and with the economic turmoil, it’s often difficult to police.

As a farmer, you install a variety of applications to increase the security of the farm and ensure your family’s safety. Access to your property is set up with electric beams and sufficient lighting, and your truck immobilised by removing the keys. But, no matter how many solutions you put in place to discourage trespassers, you remain vigilant and on edge. You still worry about poachers and livestock theft.

NAVIC amplifies all your precautionary procedures by enhancing the scope of preventative measures. The NAVIC platform provides a bird’s eye view of all activities in your area to ensure that alerts are released to responders in real-time when necessary.

This means that an alert will be triggered on the camera by detecting criminal activities. The NAVIC system verifies this trigger through its database and human support system. If it proves to be a threat, an alert will be released to the relevant responders for dispatch.