Better Community Policing Increased safety support with ANPR

By using the NAVIC™ automated proactive alert system, your neighbourhood watch can decrease the chance of your community becoming a high crime area.
NAVIC™ will assist you and SAPS in the investigation of crime where a vehicle was used.
You will be able to monitor vehicle movement in the vicinity of your neighbourhood.
By linking with NAVIC™, there will always be extra support.
An automated proactive
alert system against:
Armed robberies
Theft out of vehicles

By receiving alerts, you can act proactively.

The high crime rates in the country have left most South Africans feeling increasingly unsafe in their neighbourhoods. Confidence in the nation’s overstretched police force has dropped over the last few years as they don’t respond to urgent calls to violent crimes on time.

That’s how your neighbourhood watch was born. You and your fellow community members decided to take responsibility for your security by working closely with SAPS and other armed response teams to prevent and combat crime in order to create safer communities. You are essentially their eyes and ears on the ground. But, as much as the presence of a neighbourhood watch deters some criminals, community members can’t patrol everywhere all the time and don’t have sufficient training to respond to crime.

NAVIC™ amplifies all your precautionary procedures by enhancing the scope of preventative measures. The NAVIC™ platform provides a bird’s eye view of all activities in your neighbourhood to ensure that alerts are released to responders in real-time when necessary. You know your area better than anyone else. Using this extra tool can help you and security companies linked to your neighbourhood watch act more proactively to report suspicious activities and stop crimes before they happen.