NAVIC™ commits to

Delivering on a promise to make a sustainable and meaningful impact.

Providing the most appropriate solutions using technology advancements.

Continuously improve and secure Navic.Cloud and the complete ecosystem.

Provide techniques for the integration of third party tools and services that improve the eco-system and break down “data silos” all while protecting the data.

Remain diligent and fierce protectors of the Navic.Cloud and the associate data we manage.

NAVIC™ is a South African company born out of a need to provide Intelligence to security providers in the largest Private Security Industry in the world.

NAVIC™ has attracted key resources to take a traditional ANPR Service Provider and be able to deliver a full services Ecosystem in Vehicle Analytics to a hugely demanding Security Industry.

NAVIC™ commits to honesty and fair play, adhere to business and technology best practices, and comply with the law specifically the protection of citizens’ rights. Should you feel that we have failed to achieve this please contact us immediately so we can address any issue.

Address to serve Legal Notice:

Kellerman Joubert Attorneys:
First Floor,
98 Dorp Street,