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Navic Overwatch Beta test Invitation

Complete your Telegram Installation using your chosen mobile number. NB: You MUST pick a USERNAME when registering with Telegram, or do so now if already registered (see Settings in Telegram).

Keep an eye open on Telegram. Expect to be added latest next business day, otherwise please contact us 

More information can be found here –

Now do the following:

  • Save “NAVIC ADMIN” contact to your phone ( +27828459244 )
  • Install Telegram
  • You MUST pick a Username when registering with Telegram in order to be invited to channels
  • Observe the rules
  • Provide feedback as needed
  • Prepare for a Zoom conference

The Navic subscriber and/or recipient of this information is subject to Navic’s T&C’s.

To “SAPS Verify” a vehicle you MUST  click “Help” or contact a SAPS representative to verify that the vehicle is still wanted before acting on escalating the event or acting on the information.

Failure to do so may result in prosecution by Navic, the State, the Criminal or a Citizen. Legal considerations, including the PoPI Act must be adhered to as is the Law of the Land. Should additional assistance be required please contact us.

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