Social distancing might not be enough – defeat COVID-19 by strengthening your immune system

Boosting your immune system will help prevent or moderate infection. People differ in “immune competence” – their ability to fend off and overcome infection. As we’re aiming to keep the COVID-19 virus away from people and cure them if they get sick, the neglect of strengthening your natural defences is serious and this is certainly something you can prioritise.

Self-isolation, social distancing and handwashing are all effective ways for avoiding exposure to the virus and remain crucial for alleviating overwhelm of healthcare systems. That focus however cannot be exclusive and needs to include a second powerful tool: the strengthening of our immune system which can slow down contagion too.

A stronger immune competence makes COVID-19 and other more ordinary infections less severe and briefer. Reducing the risk of fatal pneumonias — especially for older patients.

What are the top 7 immune boosting methods?

  1. Sleep
  2. Calm/de-stressing/meditation
  3. Nutrition
  4. Exercise
  5. Alcohol reduction
  6. Hydration
  7. Being outside (vitamin D)

Your health and immunity depend on what you eat, drink, breathe, do and feel. Based on modern studies and evaluations, vitamin C is far more than just a “vitamin”, it’s a foundational molecule that protects and regulates every cell and seems to be the most effective antiviral agent known.

Various viruses, including corona­viruses, cause colds, so taking vitamin C should make COVID-19 illness shorter and milder too, and the pandemic less severe. Even if vitamin C doesn’t prevent infection. It may still make the course of the illness less severe, reducing the burden on our health-workers.

Immunity will become even more essential if no global-vaccine miracle becomes available.

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