Mobile ANPR lightbar Increased footprint with ANPR mobility

The NAVIC™ ANPR lightbar delivers on mobility with a direct live system link.
Onboard camera alerts are paired to the local Mobile Alert Room App to support proactive crime fighting.
Seamless systems integration delivers alerts checked against SAPS circulation and the ICB database.
Plug and play solution with complete hardware integration.
Internet ready and securely linked to the national vehicle intelligence cloud.
Transform your reaction vehicle into a mobile control centre.
Automated proactive
alert system
Law enforcement lightbar
Security lightbar
Real-time alerts
Plug and play installation
Rental option available

By receiving alerts, you can act proactively.

Imagine a system that combines the best of traditional policing techniques with current best practices technology to combat crime-related incidents.

Enhance your security abilities with NAVIC™, the first and original automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) provider in South Africa, which has been offering these cloud-based services since 2014. The team that founded the company has a 20-year track record in video monitoring services. In short, NAVIC™ is ANPR in South Africa.

Vehicles of all kinds are both mobile targets and instruments of crime. People’s lives and property can only be optimally protected with highly sophisticated security systems added to applications already in place. Whether you are running a shopping centre, manager a team as a security company, leading the neighbourhood watch in your area, or a farmer trying to feed a nation, NAVIC™’s mobile ANPR system will increase your security footprint and ability to monitor vehicle movement in the vicinity of your area.

NAVIC™ will assist you and SAPS in the investigation of crime where a vehicle was used. More than 38% of all arrests are directly linked to an ANPR alert. By linking with NAVIC™, you can make South Africa a better and safer place for yourself and others.


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