Automatic Number Plate Recognition


Typical Applications for NAVIC ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition):

  • Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, Valet Parking, Shopping Centers, Universities, Entertainment Centers, Toll Booths, Casinos, Repo Companies, Police and more…
  • Law Enforcement – Inside police cars for auto detection of plates
  • Check Points – A network of check points provide true random monitoring of stolen or wanted vehicles.
  • Traffic, Surveillance and Monitoring – Allows Traffic management from statistics, forward to marketing data for new budget control.
  • ANPR can trigger a sequence of events. For example a stolen car, can automatically trigger an alarm and close a gate.

NAVIC ANPR works by analyzing the video stream, extracting images when motion is detected on the ANPR camera/s which is then processed to identify the vehicle. Based on the customers rights , and the justification thereon, he/she is able to perform an ever growing number of functions. Least of all tying the acquired data to Law Enforcement/SAPS points-of-contact that will respond to criminals sought.

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