Navic OverWatch

Intercept SAPS Wanted Vehicles in your Neighbourhood

NAVIC™ OverWatch, also known as NOW, in its core provides near real-time notifications of vehicles passing your Hub’s ANPR cameras that match VoI’s (Vehicles of Interest) as listed on the SAPS Circulation database, also known as the Unicode database. NAVIC™ subscribers are then required to interact with the data via a choice of menu items, ultimately providing a “Public-Private Interface” for the escalation of a “Hit”. The NEIGHBOURHOOD verifies the plate number (from the camera) and vehicle description (from SAPS Circulation Database)

Once a vehicle passes a camera, the number plate is sent to Navic.Cloud by which it is cross-referenced with SAPS Circulation Database (Unicode). The image and information is then pushed onto the relevant Telegram channels. Those on the hub channel can then engage by verifying if the plate number matches the image. Hub channel members have a variety of abilities from verifying a plate to initiating a pursuit which involves tracking a vehicle of interest on Google Maps. The system will update the information automatically according to the selected action taken by hub channel members.

The technology was built on Telegram to support the demand for a near-real-time automated cross-reference system with extended scope to develop better tools for security intelligence. OverWatch supplies “Hits” via the messenger application called Telegram (

Please ask questions or provide feedback in the comments section of

To most of you, you’ll be familiar with Telegram. To those not familiar with Telegram, it is similar to WhatsApp but includes significant security benefits and tools to allow customisation as per NAVIC™’s needs.

Telegram meets NAVIC™ security and integration requirements. Links to download the App is accessible via their website or the associated stores on your mobile devices, or else here –

Navic OverWatch overview

NAVIC™ OverWatch, or NOW, automatically and in near real-time provides hits of vehicles sought by SAPS spotted in your neighbourhood.

YOU get to verify the vehicle while Navic, SAPS, BAC (Business Against Crime), Law Enforcement, Security Companies, other do the LEGAL COMPLIANCE checking and TAKE DOWN the vehicle (“Pursuit”).

(Please get your local Law Enforcement, SAPS, Armed Response companies, etc to join your Hub so they get the notifications and remove the criminals from your area.)

NAVIC™ OverWatch Critical Note:

Recipient thereof subject to T&C’s. Failure to do so may result in prosecution incl PoPI Act. Support:

You will have access to extremely confidential and sensitive information and images. You MAY NOT copy, use or distribute ANY information/data/images received other than for the purpose intended. And you explicitly agree to this knowing that there may be VERY SERIOUS consequences if you breach this! 

Verification steps

See below an explanation of each verification step. The system will always ask you to verify your selection.

Plate Verified


Does the plate number match the plate number on the image?

  • No: the plate read is incorrect (the system automatically deletes Telegram entry)
  • Yes: the plate number match the plate number on image and gets verified
  • Obscured: can’t identify the number on the image (the system automatically removes Telegram entry)

Yes – The system will automatically update the current image with an overlaid “Vehicle Verified” stamp.

Vehicle Verified


Does the vehicle in the image match the description?

  • Not sure: cannot confirm that the image match
  • Yes: vehicle matches the description
  • No: vehicle mismatch (the system automatically deletes Telegram entry)

Yes – If you select “Yes” or “Not Sure” then the system will automatically replace the current image with a new image containing a “Vehicle Verified” stamp.

SAPS Verified

Question: STILL SOUGHT BY SAPS? NB: Civilians/Public/Neighbourhood or other click “HELP” then “CONFIRM” to escalate.

Is SAPS still looking for the vehicle?

  • No: Delete Telegram entry
  • Yes: Vehicle verified as still sought according to SAPS MCD System
  • Help: escalates alert to NNOC for confirmation of vehicle sought by SAPS

BAC/SAPS/NNOC will confirm “Yes” if SAPS verified by which the current image will be replaced with a “SAPS Verified” stamp.

In Pursuit

Question: START PURSUIT – NB: ONLY SAPS, law enforcement, security companies, BAC or NNOC to escalate PURSUIT!

  • Start Pursuit – ONLY SAPS, law enforcement, security companies, BAC or NNOC
  • Dispute – ANYONE can stop a pursuit, but be careful as you will be questioned later as this will stop the Pursuit action!

This is NOT for Public/Civilian/Neighbourhood interaction, but rather such that you have a front row seat to the action.


  • Why am I not seeing the NAVIC™ Overwatch Channel in Telegram?

    There could be many reasons, including:
    1. You have not applied to get access. Go to
    2. You have not installed Telegram, or used the same mobile number during registration that you’ve provided in Step 1 above;
    3. you did not pick a Username in Telegram during registration. Go to settings in Telegram and pick a username (located under your mobile number in settings)
  • Do I need to be registered on Navic.Cloud to use OverWatch during Beta testing?

    No. It helps if you do, but as long as you have been authorised to be a member of one of the Beta test Hub WhatsApp groups then you can be a NAVIC™ OverWatch beta tester. We do however ask that you complete you application as soon as possible. If your old application has expired then you will need to reapply –
  • Can I invite others to join OverWatch during Beta testing?

    Yes, but it will require the person to go through the registration process, and state to which Hubs he/she will need access.
    Non-SAPS users will require permission from their civilian Hub administrator (NHW, CPF, City Council, Landlord administrator, Mall administrator, etc)
    Apply here –
  • Who responds to Plate Verification and Vehicle Verification Alerts?

    Anyone on the channel, but specifically civilians such as members of the CPF/NHW.
  • On ``Plate Read Correct?`` what is the difference between ``Obscure`` and ``No``?

    Incorrect Plate reads are frustrating and allow criminals “through the net”.
    Considering that plate recognition is done universally (in 2 independent stages) a False Plate Read is statistically indicative of a problematic ANPR camera. This could be anything from a bad installation, low quality camera, dirty lens, bad lighting conditions, etc. In order for Navic.Cloud to calculate potential “problem cameras” by you identifying an “Obscured Plate” (like a towbar in front of the plate, or mud on the plate, or other) helps us to better calculate problem installations/cameras.

  • On ``Vehicle Match Description?`` what is the difference between ``Not Sure`` and ``Yes``?

    “Not sure” is used when you cannot positively verify the vehicles details match the image.
    Both “Not sure” and “Yes” selections will escalate the Event to the next stage of verification. The difference being is that during a vehicle “stop” by SAPS/Law Enforcement the officer knows to manually check the vehicle details before further engagement.

  • Who reacts to ``SAPS Verified`` and ``Pursuit`` Alerts?

    SAPS, municipal law enforcement, Armed Response Units, private security companies connected to NAVIC™ or BAC (Business Against Crime) will respond to verified Alerts that have been escalated to “Pursuit”.
    We request civilians through their associated structures (CPF/NHW/etc) to get their local SAPS and Armed Response (Security companies) to register with Navic.Cloud and to respond to “Pursuit” Level events.
    Transparency enables NHW/CPF members to view any lack of action on escalated events.

  • For the ``SAPS Verified`` stage, who can click on ``Help`` and what does it do?

    Anyone can request assistance to check if the VoI (Vehicle of Interest is still sought on the SAPS MCD system).
    Once “help” is requested then that entry is sent to a special queue for NNOC (National Navic Operations Centre), SAPS or BAC OCC (Business Against Crime – Operational Control Centre) members to check and respond.

  • Do I need to be trained to verify alerts?

    No, you need to follow instructions as per the message on Telegram. No training required.

  • Who engages in pursuits?

    SAPS and controllers do the SAPS verification, and active patrollers or Law enforcement do the “pursuit.” With the added benefit that you can get your local armed response company to start the pursuit and get SAPS to step in for the arrest.

  • What is the time delay from a car passing the camera to Telegram message?

    The target response is under 10 seconds (based on Navic.Cloud processing 200 plates per second).

  • Why did an entry suddenly disappear?

    A hub channel member successfully verified a vehicle which then got removed or escalated automatically accordingly.

  • What makes NAVIC™ different?

    NAVIC™ is an ‘ecosystem’/service, i.e. complete from the integrated camera to a verified alert (notification). NNOC (National NAVIC™ Operations Center) enhances the accuracy of verified alerts with human engagement with the data.

  • I notice the same fault keeps occurring with the same number plate, isn't there a 'learn' capability in the algorithm or software?

    That feature is not currently in NAVIC™ OverWatch yet, i.e. user feedback, but it’s coming. NAVIC™ is also working on an upgrade feature in Artificial Intelligence for reads of partly obscured characters based on the plate font.