NAVIC Level19 Initiative

Due to the severity of the situation, and lessons from other countries concerning the repercussions of not enforcing the Covid-19 Lockdown, we realised that challenging times call for creative solutions.

As Dr Michael J Ryan, the Executive Director of WHO (World Health Organization) states, speed trumps perfection with the nature of the position we find ourselves in. As such, NAVIC has designed a platform in line with the National Disaster Act, to support law enforcement and essential services with information of traffic movement and abuse of the lockdown protocols which threaten the lives of other people. Any violation could be lethal to someone and is therefore tantamount to culpable homicide!

Level19 was launched Friday the 28th of March to provide a voice to citizens and to support law enforcement so that the country can act as a single, effective unit against unlawful activities.

WE ARE NOT HERE TO TRY AND POLICE NEIGHBOURS but rather aim to stand together to protect human and economic rights of people who are subjected to abuse and crime due to the pandemic. Only verified offences will be escalated in line with the act.

It is therefore important to note that:

Under the Disaster Management Act 2002, Under section 11(5) of the regulations, it becomes an offense to publish a statement through any medium with the intention to deceive regarding Covid-19.

Join the #Level19 initiative and help us build connections and access to networks in communities for when we need each other in the weeks to come. We will all have a role to play. #level19 #safercommunities #flattenthecurve

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