Level 19

YOU can help increase the safety of your community during Lockdown! #level19 #safercommunities #flattenthecurve

Join us and let’s stand together and improve safety and security measures in our communities during Lockdown!

How you can assist or learn more:

Report an Offence



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5 ways you can keep your children safe

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Report an Offence

Report contraventions by filling in the form below.

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You can also report contraventions in the format below via Telegram or WhatsApp to 0728602228.

Required details of the Offence:

  1. Load Photo of offender’s vehicle
  2. Location
  3. Date/Time
  4. Category of offence (see below)
  5. Details (less than 160 characters)

Click here to see categories being tracked.

What is Level19

As a completely non-commercial Initiative Navic.Cloud has set up and is providing services for enforcement of the regulations associated with Covid-19, required Social distancing, and the Lockdown since midnight Thursday 26 March 2020.

For the greater good communities and individuals are requested to do their part and provide details of “Verified Offenders” for the safety of us all. This service is available to everyone and not just www.navic.cloud subscribers. Facilities for Law Enforcers to act thereon have also been put in place. Report contraventions in the format below via Telegram or WhatsApp to 072 860 2228.

How does it work

Our national partners escalate relevant incidents on a unique level designed to raise awareness and protect communities that are not able to protect themselves.
#level19 #safercommunities #flattenthecurve.

Why Level19

Due to the severity of the situation, and lessons from other countries concerning the repercussions of not enforcing the Covid-19 Lockdown, we realised that challenging times call for creative solutions. As Dr Michael J Ryan, the Executive Director of WHO (World Health Organization) states, speed trumps perfection with the nature of the position we find ourselves in.

COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Crisis Business Info & Advice in Cape Town / WC

They are a virtual team of sectorial and communication experts who are here to help business navigate the uncertainty caused by various sources of information during the crisis and provide guidelines and best practice to help companies build resilience for now, and the future.

Support Level19

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  • Offence Categories being tracked

    1. Illegal Social interactions/gatherings
    2. Public Transport (outside the times of 05h00-09h00 and 16h00-20h00, or “carry capacity infringement”)
    3. Non-essential travel (exclusions being medical assistance, essential food, banking, vehicle fuel, pharmacy, collection of social grants, essential Service Provision, or auxiliary support for essential Services)
    4. Illegal Outdoor activities
    5. Other
  • Do we have a lockdown certificate?

    Yes we do. Please click here to view.

  • What if I am driving to get food, and I am seen and reported? How will the person photographing my car registration know where I am going?

    Each report is verified and escalated accordingly to the right channel. NAVIC has a control room that verifies each report, therefore ensuring we act accordingly. False reporting is a serious offence and won’t be dealt with lightly. We ask that everyone take this seriously and don’t abuse the system.

Terms and conditions: The recipient agrees to Navic’s T&C’s and other regulations as can be found on www.navic.cloud and any action and/or interaction is explicitly subject to Navic’s standard Disclaimer and associated legal protection. Under the Disaster Management Act 2002, Under section 11(5) of the regulations, it becomes an offense to publish a statement through any medium with the intention to deceive about Covid-19.

Coronavirus 24-hour hotline: 0800 029 999