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What is ANPR?

Automatic Number Plate Recognition uses optical character recognition to read vehicle registration plates and create vehicle location information. In ANPR, the number plate image is converted into machine-readable text. This process is called optical character recognition.

This information is captured by cameras then cross-referenced for a range of law enforcement purposes. The technology can be used across CCTV, traffic enforcement cameras and ANPR-specific cameras.

ANPR technology is generally used by these groups:

Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) including the police, private companies such as security agencies, neighbourhood watches, local authorities such as community policing and safety forums or anyone committed to keeping their community safe.


What is NAVIC™?

NAVIC™ is a security data analytics solutions provider specialising in a security vertical, while delivering tools to users through its platform Navic.Cloud as a service model. These tools manage alerts/events in near real time through a national sensor network tied into the cloud. It is then used to investigate past and current occurrences to provide information that is analysed to deliver predictive and actionable verified intelligence.

Success in this industry happens when the technology, the community and the connection with SAPS work in unison. This relationship is something that competitors do not offer. We don’t just flag wanted vehicles and send out a notification. We co-ordinate the actions, follow ups and next steps with SAPS.

Reactive – An investigations system tied into a national camera footprint with controlled access to over 2 billion vehicle events.

Proactive – Our mobile and static sensor infrastructure delivers verified and actionable intelligence through various channels in real-time based on your requirements.

Predictive – Our security tools and powerful AI allows predictive risk management analytics to deliver results on a compliance driven, safe and secure ecosystem.

NAVIC™ – Is our brand and stands for National Vehicle Intelligence Cloud.

Navic.Cloud – is our platform / ecosystem / SaaS.

NNOC – National Navic Operating Centre. When we refer to our Control room that action human verified alerts.


Who is NAVIC™?

At NAVIC™ we believe in #TechForGood. Advancements in technology have done much more than make our lives more convenient. For NAVIC™ #SaferCommunities is a priority. What we do is analyse security data so that we can provide actionable, verified intelligence. We know that you are committed to serving your community so we are here to provide you with the tools that will do just that. Responsibly providing information that will lead to sustainable social benefit.


What is our mission?

Our mission is a #BetterWorld. If you struggle with risk and crime in your community, we are here to help keep you safe. The cornerstone of our service is an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) or otherwise known as LPR (License Plate Recognition) ecosystem. It is a strong foundation on which we build our action plan to help you change your situation for the better. We work with you. Our ecosystem allows our clients to add information to not just build comprehensive profiles but also to build trust. Trust in us. Trust in each other. 

Building safer communities is no easy task. We must band together and challenge each other. NAVIC™ is here to empower communities by responsibly providing security resources. We are committed to growing with the safety and security industry and encourage you to follow us to keep up-to-date with all the latest news in this exciting and evolving industry. Let us be who you trust to keep you safe.


How do we do it?

We provide verified information to allow communities to make arrests and protect their neighbourhoods. We support communities by providing verified, responsibly managed information to deliver actionable intelligence that drives sustainable social impact and benefit. Our aim is to build safer communities through responsibly managed and compliant crime intelligence. Compliance is in place, a critical factor in this sector.

If you are a part of a community policing and safety forum, part of a neighbourhood watch, a security agent, corporate risk manager or anyone committed to keeping your community safe, NAVIC™ is here for you.

If you are an installer or distributor of safety and security service, equipment, accessories and products and know the importance of having complimentary software to make sure you provide the best solutions, NAVIC™ is here for you.


Contact us today and join our community driven to build #SaferCommunities.

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