ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition)

Give your team an edge with access to ANPR intelligence and tools

Verified alerts before distribution by NAVIC control-room

Image: NAVIC Cloud control-room

Enhanced Security Abilities

By using the NAVIC automated proactive alert system, you as a security company can decrease your clients’ risk of being a victim.
NAVIC will assist you and SAPS in the investigation of crime where a vehicle was used.
You will be able to monitor your own as well as suspect vehicle movement in your client area.
You will be able to create your own geofence for vehicle movement.

By receiving alerts, you can act proactively.

1 436 481 926

Plate Database

25 818 499

Unique plate pictures

35 112

Vehicles of interest

164 325

Vehicle scans in peak hour

Access Navic cloud from your desktop or mobile phone.

All alerts are verified before distribution by Navic control-room.
Quick load function for the immediate broadcast of stolen / hijacked vehicles, missing persons and violent crime suspect vehicles onto the cloud without time delay. The result will be immediately actioned when vehicle triggers a camera.
Plate searches on all cameras in area.
Refined searches by date, camera and time.
Convoy feature allows you to view vehicles in front and behind the searched vehicle.
Loading of vehicles linked to crime and VOi (vehicle of interest).
All loads are verified by custodians.
* Access determined by the NCMISS (Navic Cloud Minimum Information Security Standard Document)

The new Mobile ANPR crime fighter tool, version 2.0 just landed!

100 units available, order now to secure yours
Plug and play solution to a live mobile operation centre

Mobile Intelligence

Transform your reaction vehicle
into a mobile control centre.


Navic’s Mobile ANPR lightbar (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is an extremely accurate and versatile licence capture system, which works by reading and sending licence plate captures with a direct live system link to Navic Cloud. The seamless system integration delivers alerts checked against SAPS circulation and the ICB database. The lightbar is internet ready and securely linked to the national vehicle intelligence cloud to ensure a quick fit solution. The Mobile ANPR lightbar runs on the same software platform as our nationally linked camera system that integrates to Navic Cloud, operating in multiple directions. Our full-colour image scanning system achieves up to 95% confidence and up to 93% accuracy at relative speeds up to 130 kph, at distances up to 50 meters dependant on setup.

Plug and play solution with complete hardware integration.

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