National Vehicle Intelligence Cloud

NAVIC™ is a South African company providing various tools and services in the provision of a security ecosystem for communities, business and government in the Security Industry.

(Over 2.3 Billion)

Total Plate Reads by Navic.Cloud

(Over R79 Million)

Total Value of goods recovered in 2021 as of 31st August

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📌NEC XON  joins the Navic Cloud community with great enthusiasm. Thanks for your hard work.

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6 days ago
Navic Cloud

"We work directly with the police force, our relationship with them is strong, it has to be. Success is unachievable if it wasn’t for the community working with the cops. Officers will often approach the community users and make requests when they’ve just had a crime. Queries from the Navic Cloud system help them do their job. They dedicated to serving the community and often these requests will come in after hours and on their days off. We trust and believe in the system." B. Security Company

#SaferCommunities #TechForGood #PartnershipPolicing #NotOnOurWatch #Business #Technology #SecurityIndustry #techInnovation #ANPR #VehicleAnalytics #Compliant #SaaS #Service #VehicleAnalytics #LPR
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1 week ago
Navic Cloud

📣NAVIC™ Cloud Crime Fighting Performance Report Dec 2021📣

Did you know that since 2017, NAVIC™ has implemented "Alertroom" Software for Law Enforcement (or suitably authorised entities) in order to self-administer manual verifications of Hits (positive Alerts of sought vehicles), and the escalation and management of this function? Navic.Cloud already provides custom installations for authorised Law Enforcement entities to do this.

The amazing results are achieved through the collective efforts of all role players including the Navic.Cloud technical and support teams, NAVIC™ Operations, the NNOC (National NAVIC™ Operations Centre), SAPS in all their various divisions (local Policing, Flying Squad, K9, CID (Crime Intelligence), covert operations, anti-drug unit, etc), action groups (antipoaching inland and offshore, missing persons, etc), farmer and rural protection structures, Municipalities, Local Law Enforcement, Armed Response and regional/national security service providers, Neighbourhood Watches (NHW's), Community Policing Forums (CPF's), patrollers and citizen champions. And very importantly the regional residents and businesses who contribute to this National crime-fighting Initiative through the license fees paid for your ANPR (LPR) cameras to operate on Should you wish to participate or get your community protected please contact us via

The provision of information by NAVIC™ is done so on the Terms and Conditions, disclaimers, protections and Terms of Use and other as stated on our website and / or through access to Navic.Cloud ecosystem. Please address us through should you have any queries or concerns. It is also worth noting that NAVIC™ has implemented systems and policies to ensure its compliance with The PoPI Act, PAIA, SAIDSA, PSIRA, MISS (Minimum Information Security Standards) Act, and the establishment of systems, structures policies and procedures to surpass even standards set by these organisations or structures. Further Navic.Cloud data structures utilise machine techniques in order to ensure advanced data protection, monitoring and access control/logging and data handling to ensure chain of custody should Navic be subpoenaed to provide data as evidence needed through the judiciary.

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What is NAVIC™?

The Navic.Cloud Ecosystem provides the necessary framework for the support of Security organisations to gain and act on relevant vehicle related data in real-time so as to fight crime.

Navic.Cloud is the CORE system in order to affect the above. Navic.Cloud is a secure and stable system tying the numerous functions, users, data and services together in order to provide an early warning, intelligence based investigations platform. More specifically Navic.Cloud integrates vehicle related metadata from ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras, analyses and processes the data, and cross references this with user compiled VoI (Vehicles of Interest) and 3rd party (like SAPS circulation / Unicode / ICB) databases. Manual verification is performed through NAVIC™’s Alert Room software solution and provides human escalation services as per instructions in the vehicles Incident diary as is standard in SAPS systems.

All this under the secure framework of the Independent Data Custodianship functions, and in line with Navic.Cloud’s Minimum Information Security Standards (NCMISS

Navic.Cloud is a business process driven system. It is therefore not unexpected to see that NAVIC™ is the only ANPR (Also known as LPR) provider to meet the following standards:

MISS Compliant

PSIRA Registered

Technology Choices

As in most technology based businesses NAVIC™’s technology choices are based first and foremost on the ever changing needs of a rapidly evolving market place. Thereby making sure that we remain relevant and able to meet the needs of this changing landscape.

The start of any project, and therefore choice of technology and implementation strategy, leverages the vast experience and knowledge we possess.  This includes that of the Security Industry, Online systems, business rule sets, appropriate financial models, strict legal and security frame works, handling of Big Data structures, speed of operation, simplicity of user operation and human adoption of technology, our own chosen structures like NCMISS, and the provision of secure facilities for data based service offering to name the most important factors.

What we end up with is a well-structured Platform designed and implemented around stability and security, being user-centric, and able to be quickly supported and expanded upon.

NAVIC™ utilises the best cost efficient techniques and technology throughout Navic.Cloud and the associated Ecosystem so as to leverage the best innovations in the world today. And the ability to amend Navic.Cloud as this landscape changes over time.

This shift of approach has allowed NAVIC™ to move from old static algorithm based methodologies to a platform that will provide for multiple Machine Learning techniques and even proprietary built and billed systems.

Right now NAVIC™ applies a combination of techniques, such as pattern identification, Big Data Handling, dynamic vertical and planned horizontal resource allocation through VM’s, Hashed transaction logging, Immutable usage logs, distributed processing, encryption services, and many other best of breed techniques. All to provide a highly functional near-real-time data gathering, handling, processing, tracking, logging and alerting Platform which practically provides a warranted better than 99.9% service availability (T’s&C’s apply).

Navic.Cloud’s predominantly crime fighting ANPR Vehicle Analytics system is currently being expanded to provide a customer determined Process Flow to act on actionable events determined by a recognised behaviour from activity of objects identified by their signatures. This include pure Deep Learning Pattern Recognition for automated behavioural categorisation of behaviour, and tie this to concern levels.